Norwegian Classes

Online classes and courses available in Norwegian.
For private online tutor to learn norwegian.

Sites acting as intermediary between students and private tutors:
Italki        Verbalplanet        Omniglot

I have worked as a Norwegian tutor online for more than 3 years.
Teaching from Basic level to helping with preparation for Bergenstesten.
Regardless of your level I can assist in your future learning process.
My Availability calendar for Norwegian classes - and my main site Norwegian learning for information about the Norwegian classes.

A while back I made two basic learning videos.
Due to bad quality I have been planning to make new videos.

One Basic video - but with very bad sound:

Video number 2 - as with the previous one the sound is bad but might give you an further overview:

Norwegian university of Science and technology NTNU has also made a basic course in English.
This course is probably the best free material you will be able to get online.

The pdf of the NTNU course: Norwegian on the web - course material

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